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Multicontraste Workshops 2009

We want to show to all professionals all the tools that can be useful for their business in the photographic world.
This is about leaving the past and conquer the new market tendencies, new ways of work and new products. It is about valorising the difference searching for quality. It is a won bet! It is about starting together to find that “no” is not an answer and the old habits does not exist either and only the productivity is worth.
That is why we are together in Digital Photography with Professionalism!


From Photoshop CS to CS4

Date: 27th of May 2009
Schedule: 9am to 12am
Trainer: Ângela Rodrigues
Location: Multicontraste Photographic Laboratory

The aim of this workshop is to gain knowledge about news and hints from all versions of Photoshop.


Pop Art at Photoshop

Date: 3rd of June 2009
Schedule: 3pm to 6pm
Trainer: Norbinda Cardoso
Location: Multicontraste Photographic Laboratory

The photography world changed. Some doors closed down, some are still waiting to be opened.
The new technologies give us an unlimited number of opportunities that we should not ignore.


Marketing – Customer Relationship

Date: 16th of June 2009
Schedule: 3pm to 6pm
Trainer: José Oliveira Dias
Location: Multicontraste Photographic Laboratory

"Everytime my customer is worried, I am worried too. His aim is my own objective!" - José Oliveira Dias


HDR in Photoshop

Date: 24th of June 2009
Schedule: 9am to 12am
Trainer: José Gomes Ferreira
Location: Multicontraste Photographic Laboratory

Photos with a high dynamic range between them are a Great opportunity to get artistic photos that will prime  for the difference of the light, tone and detail.


New Concepts of Wedding Photography

Date: 30th of June 2009
Schedule: 10am to 8pm
Trainer: Cláudio Português
Location: Multicontraste Photographic Laboratory

This workshop shows how urban and natural landscape can influence and create new styles of wedding photos.




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